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Belongingness+ seeks to inspire a personal, communal and systemic change promoting interconnectedness. 



1-12th July 2024, Mundekulla, Sweden  



"Our bodies know they belong; it is our minds that make our lives so homeless." - John O`donohue  

We understand that belonging is a fundamental aspect of human existence and that when we sense that we belong, something in us not only starts to care but also feels cared for - and the world is in desperate need of care.


We see the possibility for Art to act as a creative practice that can guide us to become aware of our own authentic expression within the deeper movement that intertwines us all. 

 The practice of Embodiment and Nature Connection shows us our inherent belonging through our own direct experience. We can perceive ourselves as part of the ecosystem's shared living space and interconnected web of relationships - where diversity can be truly celebrated and our uniqueness can find its place as a contribution to the whole.

 The current educational system often fails to provide avenues for exploring the sense of belonging, authentic expression and connection with nature. Many youth experience feelings of isolation, disconnection and lack of direction. We strongly believe that the creative process and experiential learning should be given space in order to empower our youth to gain a sense of shared responsibility and belonging in this world. 

Belongingness+ propose practices that facilitate a return to the felt sense and a deepened connection with the natural world. By engaging in embodied experiences and artistic expression, youth workers and young people can rediscover their inner landscapes, creative contribution and authentic belonging.



Our aim is to empower youth workers to share transformative processes into a sense of Belonging through Art, Nature Connection and Embodiment. Participants will move through a personal experience, reflect on the process and practice to support others with the same. This project aims to give tools and practices that can support us to cultivate self-awareness, empathy and wellbeing on a personal level, as  well as cultivating a sense of interconnectedness. We wish to portrait how art serves as a mirror - reflecting our roles in life, communities, and society, and emphasize the significance of embodiment as an essential factor in shaping, leading, contributing, and actively engaging with the challenges of belonging.


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June 2024: Online Preparatory Meeting, a 3h long webinar to welcome everyone, connect, clear out any practical points and set intentions for the learning journey

1st - 12th of July 2024: 10 day Training, in Mundekulla Sweden, exploring through a Creative process the topic of Belonging via Embodiment, Art practice and Nature Connection

11th of July 2024: Offering a full day BE+ Embodied Art & Nature Experience for the local community (as part of the training).

July - September 2024: Implementation of your learnings in your work with youth. ( At least one workshop, if not another chosen implementation.) 

September 2024: Online Harvesting Meeting, September, a 3h long webinar where we share about our learnings, implementation and celebrate the journey together. 





To provide the Youth Workers with:
  • A personal experience and tools to work with Art as a medium for a transformative creative process that bring one closer to self, others and the natural world¬†
  • Practices in Embodiment that supports with developing more self awareness and inner resources
  • Experiences of Nature Connection and Belonging to a bigger context¬†
  • A personal and collective exploration into the concept of Belonging - on an individual and systemic level, what supports it and what damages it
  • Resources to guide and support the youth they are working with in the same processes and combining the tools/practices¬†¬†



This Training is based on a Non-Formal and Experiential Learning approach. This asks the participant to engage in their own learning process, be participatory and highly interactive. We want to hear your voice and believe that we learn the most in a collective learning space - where we co-create, experiment and share.  

Our team aims to foster and stand for openness, honesty, courageously caring for the whole, resilience through diversity, empowered responsibility. 


You can expect:
  • Embodiment & Somatic Practices
  • Art Practices such as painting, theater, voicing, storytelling and dancing (both individually and collectively)¬†
  • Forest walks & Nature Connection practices
  • Theoretical explorations on the topic of Belonging, taking both the individual and systemic view¬†
  • Facilitation techniques of collective learning, creative processes and practicing holding these processes for others¬†
  • Self reflection and sharing circles¬†



  • Acquire a deeper sense of belonging¬†
  • Understanding and experiencing Art practices that supports wellbeing, self discovery and creative expression
  • Acquiring resources for increased resilience as youth workers and in personal life
  • Develop skills and techniques to facilitate creative processes, participatory and inclusive learning experiences utilizing art, embodiment and nature connection
  • Increase self awareness and collective care¬†

 Participants will go home with a personal experience of embodied art processes and how to lead such an experience for others. They will have developed a stronger connection to their own body and the living larger system of nature around. They will feel empowered to create participatory learning spaces for the youth they work with and explore the topic of belonging.  



Sandra Geitz 

Facilitator & Coordinator 

Sandra Geitz (35) is the founder of Living Inquiry, where she is working as a Coach with individual sessions, facilitator for groups and project leader for experiential education. She is currently a student of Somatic Experiencing and has a background in Creative writing, Dance, Zen Coaching and Family Constellation. She has for the last three years worked as a project leader for a youth volunteering program in Sustainable Living in Mundekulla, where she also organized an Embodiment Festival with over 20+ Workshop Leaders. Her fields of expertise are within Coaching, Creative processes, Group Facilitation and Embodiment. In her work she is passionate about collective learning, presence-based leadership and connect different approaches  together into a whole. 



Hanne Pedersen

Facilitator & Coordinator

Hanne Pedersen (45) has a background from performance theatre, Creative Somatic Movement and Zen Coaching, 

She has extensive experience in designing, facilitating and directing creative processes.

Her fields of expertise and education are within awarenessbased practices,  creative somatic movement, coaching and communication.  Her education is from Cantabile 2 School of Stage Arts (2003) and University of Central Lancashire MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing (2016). She is also a Senior Coach and teacher of Zen Coaching. (Since 2008) 

Hanne is the founder of Arts & Practices of Bodymind Inquiry,  and MOMO AKADEMIET for Interbeing. She offers individual sessions as well as facilitate creative group processes for self discovery and collective reconnection, both online and HOS MOMO, outside Oslo. 


Baldesca Moner

Project manager

Baldesca Moner is a project manager and a facilitator. With a background in management for start-up companies and international research and development projects in renewable energy and sustainability, she holds two master's degrees in industrial engineering and energy systems.

Deeply rooted in holistic well-being practices, She is passionate about passing on the indigenious knowledge and values that makehuman beings relate to the earth and its resources with care and reciprocity. 

Baldesca actively collaborates with the Global Ecovillage Network and serves as a mentor for the Yes to Sustainability network, guiding individuals in creating their own impactful Erasmus+ projects. 




This training program is co-funded by the European Commission program Erasmus+. The grant covers your participation in the training, accommodation, food and materials. Travel costs are covered up to a maximum amount. See the table below for details:

Country - Travel Reimbursement

Sweden - maximum 180 / for Green Travel 210 ‚ā¨¬†

Ukraine, France, Romania, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany - maximum 275/ for Green travel 320‚ā¨¬†

Spain, Portugal - maximum 360/ for Green Travel 420‚ā¨¬†


Green Travel 

If possible, to care for the environment, we invite you to avoid flying to and from the training and instead choose a Green Travel option (the whole trip with bus, train or car pooling)*. Please ask us if you are unsure if your trip is considered as a Green Travel.¬†Participants traveling green (no flights) will also be refunded for¬†the costs of their accommodation if they need to stay overnight along¬†the way. You will need to provide a proof of payment (tickets, etc.) and¬†the maximum amount is 60‚ā¨ per night. Please note that this refund is¬†not intended to support holidays or other detours before or after the¬†training. The amount spent will be refunded only if it is part of a coherent¬†travel plan coming from and going back to your place of residence.

* This might not be possible for countries far away from the venue. 

** In case you are selected to participate in Belongingness+, you will receive the detailed conditions of the reimbursement of your travel costs and participation fee in the Confirmation email alongside travel information to the venue, what to bring ect. 


Participant Fee

You as a participant are asked to contribute with a Participant‚Äôs fee: 50‚ā¨. This serves as a commitment to join the training and as a contribution for the Facilitators. We consider your spot fully reserved when you have paid the sign up fee and sent us your travel receipts.¬†(We don‚Äôt want money to be an issue stopping anyone from learning, so if you honestly can't afford the participation fee, contact us and we are open to discuss alternative possibilities).¬†




Mundekulla is an ecological course and retreat center in the countryside of Småland: The place where also the famous botanic Linnaeus and Pippi Longstocking come from. At Mundekulla people come together for courses, conferences and festivals, from 15-300 people, on personal development, mindfulness, creativity, nature and of course: beautiful nourishing food. 

 Mundekulla has been built on sustainable principles ever since it started over 20 years ago. From the buildings to green energy, from social justice to peace projects. Their biggest wish is to inspire people with the things they do and the food they make. They want to create experiences, arts, learnings and inspiring food you just have to bring home to share with your loved ones.


For more information about Mundekulla please visit:







Participants will stay in sleeping alcoves with shared bathrooms/toilets, with the possibility to upgrade via Mundekulla (link and price for this will be shared in the confirmation email). Blankets and pillows are provided, sheets and towels are available for renting (or bringing your own set). 


They generally serve a vegan base that is protein-rich and we have optional vegetarian sides. 80% of the ingredients we use are organic and / or locally grown. Where possible they get their produce from local farmers, such as Solmarka Gård and Hällasjömåla Gård. They have also started building their own organic vegetable garden. (Diet option and all the information needed will be sent in the Confirmation Email)




Apply the latest by 25th of March  

We will get back to you with an answer by the latest 10th of April. 


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Mundekulla Vänner is a non profit association centered on core values of ecology, peace, culture and sustainability since its establishment in 2004. The associations activities whilst open to all ages and backgrounds, have in statute a great focus on activities for children and young people. 

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact one of our project coordinators:Sandra Geitz at [email protected] / Hanne Pedersen at [email protected]¬†

This training course has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program. If you would like to find out more about the program, please visit

Photos (most of them) by Sara Vitale 


This EU funded Training for Youth Workers is presented by Mundekulla Vänner - a non-profit association connected to Mundekulla Course and Retreat Center.

VENUE: An Ecological course and retreat center in Smaaland, Sweden

See more of the work of Hanne Pedersen, project coordinator and facilitator here:

See more of the work of Sandra Geitz, project coordinator and facilitator here:

The project is cofounded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union